Sanradiance technologies the company where I got my first software job

Sanradiance technologies a company where I stated my career & where I’ve been working till now. These are my personal thoughts & not to be taken as official content. This is a blog where team members of Sanradiance company are free to share their experiences. This is not the official website of Sanradiance if you want to visit it please go to

I think in this recession when many people are struggling to get jobs if I can share some of my experience it may help someone. It may motivate someone to push themself until they get a job & win in their career. People try to find easy excuses saying there are not many jobs , they are not getting interview calls or they are not being shortlisted for interview.

I’m an Engg graduate passed out in 2005 , Ever since i joined my engg i wanted to do something. I didn’t wanted to get into same old  C,C++,JAVA coding or even do white box or black box testing. Neither was I interested in Database. But still i was interested in Technical job and ONLY technical job which I was passionate about. When i shared this with some of my friends everyone said there is something wrong with me .As many of my friends were interested to get into development profile jobs me not showing interest in that made me like an outlaw.

So once I was out of college I started the task of job hunting . I was brainstorming about which company and what job profile , what would me my job role and responsibilities etc . As a fresher

i updated my resume in job portals,

I kept applying for many companies through referrals & also in person ,

I tried all my known contacts for getting an interview from some company atleast but

for more than 3 months there were no calls & some consultants were calling but I was never getting shortlisted for interview schedule.

Then I worked on improving my resume , thought what does the IT industry expect from a fresher, which company is hiring freshers & what kind of interviews are happening, which topics are hot & what keywords & trends are getting jobs for people out of college. I did spend 1 more month on this research & based on many facts improved my resume & worked hard all the while to make sure I’m perfect in all that I’ve mentioned in my resume. I’ve put myself in strict regime to study, do hands on labs on many tech assignments & kept myself pushing to prepare on all the areas expected to be asked in a software job requirement interview.

I got many calls once I uploaded my resume , I did attend in Mindtree technologies, Tavant, Quest but in none of them I was able to complete all technical interview rounds. Then I got a call from Sanradiance Technologies for interview

I didn’t have much idea about the projects they do, what company is this. They had a written technical test thankfully no puzzles or no aptitude test. i cleared this written test then there was 2 more rounds of technical face to face interview. I cleared both and that’s the end of my job hunting process. I was through the interview process.  Finally after so many months of preparation & running around so many companies I got a Software job. I was enthused & was thrilled I felt like I’ve won a thousand dollar jackpot.

It was a Storage technology domain based company, with a lot of testing or quality assurance involved of network  data storage products. Basically i got to understand the concepts of storage ,networking, enterprise data centre & work on some of the scenarios to test a product in such an enviroment.

As a fresher the company gave me a scope of learning protocols of NAS,SAN,FC SAS,SATA,FC,iSCSI. Trust me it was more interesting topics rather than those old text books of engg. It was more in practical. I was more exposed to hardware products running on these protocols. This gave a thirst to learn about the Storage technology and specially Data Centre management.

As I was in storage domain it is equally important to have very good technical knowledge in operating system(O.S.) , If i want to be O.S. specific then i had to gain more knowledge on Linux OS(FC/OPENSUSE/RHEL/centos) then Windows(W2K3/windows Storage server). The O.S. knowledge helps a lot in storage domain. This is required for any data storage provisioning, troubleshooting process etc.

I got to work on many interesting projects (This is on storage technology domain, not everybody can understand this if your reading it for first time)

We worked on a project involving NanoNAS. NanoNAS is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server Operating System designed to transform a basic computer into a dedicated HTTP, SMB/CIFS or AFP file server.

Using readily available inexpensive components, it is not difficult to build a very capable NAS server using NanoNAS. As a network file server, NanoNAS may very well offer the highest possible storage capacity for the money. NanoNAS servers offering multiple Terabytes of storage space can be built for little more than the cost of the necessary fixed disk drives.

For example, with NanoNAS you can take a standard desktop computer, install eight 400GB fixed disk drives, and have a fast, reliable 3.2 Terabyte NAS file server for a very reasonable cost.

Due to company’s policies and regulations I will not be disclosing much details of projects I worked on.

I spent a lot of time, put in all my efforts to understand the product, its features, their configuration & then testing and identifing the bugs of these products.

For me 3 ½ years working for Sanradiance technologies has given me the storage domain, OS knowledge and lots of confidence. Having this kind of exposure and knowledge I feel I’m lucky and I make can be succesful in my career .I want to thank everyone who supported me in my career growth & want to thank Sanradiance technology company for the opportunity.

Don’t loose your confidence. Just hold it. It’s all about being at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. Wish you all the luck and hope you get a software job soon. Dont worry you will get interview calls make sure you are prepared well to win the opprtunities. – Blog by employees of Sanradianced


Sanradiance work experience of a person who joined as a Fresher & is here for more than 1 year now

I am software engineer working with SanRadiance since one & half year. I would like to share my experience I had gone through working with this organization as this was the phase that changed my life from an engineering student to an engineering professional.

I was just out from my engineering and was here out in Bangalore in search of  a job I knew that getting a job into a reputed  MNC was bit far from my reach as these MNC’s would definitely take into consideration the experience an employee should have to take up an interview with them . Then my friends suggested me to take up programming course and as every one of them do, I took up 6month course on a programming language and started attending classes ,and to tell you the truth I was bugged up by the coding as I was poor at it and at the same time I had updated my resume in the job portal as fresher and had also contacted my senior to see if they could refer me in their orginization. This was a time when one of my senior who was working with SanRadiance told  me that his company(sanradiance) is hiring  fresher and it’s a requirement for a QA engineer, he told me that he would refer me and I forward my resume as per, he also suggested me to read some of the testing documents as it was for a testing profile.I started reading documents on testing and prepared for it seriously as I had to try and  grab opportunity I contacted my seniors who are working professionals  to give me tips and suggestion  to face the interview and to share their experience with me finally I was ready for that  interview day.

The next phase. I was in, I was in this software organization and was to work on the latest technology which I was unaware off. I was nervous  and  to nervous on the first day of my job but the environment in here was real splendid ,I was introduced to a team of 8 members and we were to be given training on storage concept (SAN,Enterprise NAS, FC arrays and communication). The training was for 3 weeks and there where 4 other member in the training who would work on other projects .

This three week training was awesome. In these three weeks I had learnt best technologies of present day

The project : My first project was to test a product which works on  iSCSI  technology. We as a team of 6 members has to benchmark this product against the industrial standard product available in the market, this was a great learning each of us in the team headed by our lead where allocated different modules where in for each of us has to derive Test cases as per. This project had a deadline of 11month and it was planned with 2 weeks delivery outcome i.e. after every 15 days we need to send our achieved goals to our client. For the next 4 cycles the plan was to write the Test cases on the assigned modules and do a peer review of the Test cases and the remaining 15 day cycles we had to execute the Test cases on the test environment and report the defect as per. The test cases were ready by end of the first phase we all had done a great job.

To execute these test cases we had to create our test set up as per the requirement, Our test environment consisted of product software which is to be installed over the Dell server through a remote connection, Iometer tool as the Input, Output generator to provide the load, Performance monitoring tools this was a crucial movement for me as I had never before worked on the servers, at this moment of time I started feeling pressurized and felt its hard for me to do it as the deadline was approaching, but with lot of support from the team members, with dedication and determination I could uphold the work pressure and carry on my task successfully and at the end of 3rd, 4th cycle of this execution phase  it was a smooth flow of tasks assigned.

We as a team had become so close that it was second family out here. We were enjoying, having fun at the same we did our best towards the project. The project was delivered  & the client was content with the outcome. I was appreciated by lead &  managers  for showing skills on carrying out optimised testing on the product among our team. I had lots of bugs to add to my credit. I could proudly say I filed most bugs in the whole team.

This is my personal remembrance record which I thought would share with the people just in case anyone who would be interested to know about life at software industry.

I thank Sanradiance technologies team for its support and belief for which I am what I am today. It has given me a platform where I excelled as a software professional.

This Blog is to share our experiences working in Sanradiance Technologies

This blog is created by Blogging enthusiasts working in Sanradiance as we felt it will be nice to blog about our experiences of working in this company.

We also wanted to keep an online journal which we can refer back no matter where we go.

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